Eisfabrik - Eisplanet 2-Cd

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Eisfabrik - Eisplanet 2-Cd

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Electro is dead! Long live electro!

The project "Eisfabrik" stands for the unusual staging of electronic music and shows the inclined listener how it can, may and should also sound.
Expressive vocals with a balanced mix of modern electro with club-ready synth and future pop, electronically underscored visuals and a truly "cool" Bühnenshow result in a unique body of work: The guys of the Eisfabrik produce music and atmosphere of a special kind that has never existed before. The electronic Trans-Siberian Express is on its way and immediately in full swing. The sound cannot be compared to any band known so far. Each song has its own individual sound, yet you can always recognise the unique style. This is also due in no small part to the vocals, which appear in many facets but are clearly recognisable. The individual sound of Eisfabrik may claim to take its own place in the scene and beyond.

The end of the ice age in electronic music has begun. Welcome to Eisplanet!

Album info

32 degrees Celsius in the shade and it's snowing?! This is not due to a fault in the system of the elements or the earth's heat, but happens exactly when the Eisfabrik enters the Bühnen of this world.
Eisfabrik is an art project with firmly integrated figures as protagonists and in its overall concept should also be regarded as an independent band and not just as a project. The three Eisfabrik owners Dr. Schnee, Der Frost and Celsius freeze the scene.

Musically, they move somewhere between dark electro and future pop, although they are also open to other electronic directions and skilfully integrate them into their own sound. The focus of Eisfabrik is on unity and understated harmony.

The debut album "When Winter Comes" and the single release "Ice Crystal" have already celebrated several successes in the voting charts, e.g. at the DAC or GEWC, so that the way for the follow-up album "Eisplanet" with the advance single "Maschinen" has been paved for the clubs.

On 23.10.2015, Eisplanet consequently follows the expedition into the darkest realms. Finally a band that lives up to the title of cool. With 12 expressive songs, melodies come along that make you stick to them like to an icy ice cube.

The album, which is released as a double CD, is enriched by remixes and versions of well-known scene colleagues such as [:SITD:] or MONO INC. In addition, the 2nd CD of the album provides us with a special track called Polarmission.

Welcome to EISPLANET!

CD 1:
1. Ice Planet - Eisfabrik
2. Walking To Wards The Sun
3. Breathe Life To Me
4. Machines
5 White Storm
6. I Don't Miss It
7 Cry For You
8. let me live
9. Far Away
10. Timeless
11. electricity
12. We Return Home

CD 2:
1st Machines (Single Version)
2nd Machines ([:Sitd:] Version)
3rd Machines (Rob Dust Version)
4th Machines (Mono Inc. Version)
5. polar mission
6. I Don't Miss It (Extended Version)
7th Machines (Bhambhamhara Version)
8th Machines (Ultima Bleep Version)
9. Machines (T.O.Y. Version)

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